Bouts took place every Thursday over many years

All events are listed EXACTLY as they appeared in the press. Spelling mistakes are not mine
Additions and corrections to this list are more than welcomed

This list is not comprehensive
1960 Apr 6 Heavy Mike Marino v. Gordon Nelson 6 x 10 min rounds 2 falls or K.O
Dale Martin Promotions
      Welter Len Wilding, Peter Szakacs, Chic Osmond, Bob Anthony K.O. Tournament
        Black Kwango v. Jack Cunningham Sensational Black v. White Contest
    20 Heavy Tibor Szakacs v Billy Robinson 6 x 10 min rounds The Hungarian Idol, Lancs Wonder Boy
      Heavy Spencer Churchill v Tony Zale The Cover Man v The Bearded Marvel
      Welter Jackie Pallo v Stefan Milla  
      Catch Pasquale Salvo v Jean Morandi  
  May 4 Heavy Ivan Josef Zaranoff v Ray Hunter 6 x 10 min rounds 2 falls, subs or K.O.
      Catch Bob Archer O'Brien v Eddie Saxon The Essex Champion v The Jewish Star
      Welter Peter Szakacs v Jimmy Mellor  
      Heavy Ivor Barratt v Charlie Fisher 5 x 10 min Rounds 2 falls, Subs or K.O.
    18 Heavy Francis Sullivan v Big Bill Verna  
      Welter Mick McManus v Dick Conlan  
      Lt-Heavy Black Kwango v Dennis Dean  
      Heavy Jonny Czeslaw v Arthur Beaumont  
    21 Wrestling advert  
  Jun 8   Gt Britain v The Rest Included Mr Universe and The Roman Gladiator
  Jul 13 Heavy Ray Hunter v Big Bill Verna  
      Welter Jackie Pallo v Tony Lawrence  
      Welter Mick McManus v Peter Sakacs  
      Lt-Heavy Seamus Donleavy v Spencer Churchill  
  Aug 10 Heavy Masked Zebra Kid v Norman Walsh  
      Catch Melvin Ross v Len Wilding  
      Heavy Billy Howes v Johnny Yearsley  
        Black Kwango v Alan Colbeck  
  Sep 15 Heavy Masked Zebra Kid v Ray Hunter  
      Heavy Basil Coulolias v Steve Logan  
      Catch Eddie Saxon v Jack Cunningham  
      Welter Brian Sparks v Bob Archer O' Brien  
  Oct 27 Heavy Tibor Szakacs v Frank Hurley  
      Catch Jack Beaumont v Johnny Foley  
      Heavy Ivor Barratt v Charlie Fisher  
        Seamus Donleavy v John Yearsley No rounds fight to finish
  Nov 10 Heavy Horst Hoffman v Gwyn Davies  
      Welter Julien Morice v Bob Anthony  
      Heavy Doug Joyce v Barry Kendall  
      Welter Peter Szakacs v Len Wilding  
    24 Heavy "Wild" Ian Campbell
"Black Prince" Ray Apollon
      Heavy Eric Leiderman v Gori Ed Mangotich  
        Basil Coulolias v Black Kwango  
      Welter Bobby Steele v Bob Anthony  
  Dec 8   Irish Ivor Barratt & Seamus Donlevy
Charlie Fisher & Johnny Yearsley
First Tag Team Contest
    22 Heavy Mike Marino v. Alan Garfield  
      Lt-Heavy Basil Coulolias v Steve Logan  
      Lt-Heavy Dennis Dean v Harry Fields  
      Welter Tony Charles v Jackie Pallo  
1961 Jan 5   Frank Hurley & Gori Ed Mangotich
Irish Ivor Barratt & Tony Mancelli
Tag Teams
      Welter Bob Archer O'Brien v Pasquale Salvo  
        Johnny Major v Billy Stock  
      Heavy Emile Poilve v Gordon Nelson  
1962 Jan 18   Joe Cornelius v Gordon Nelson
Otto Acron v Steve Logan
F Von Lotter v Kala Badula
Mick McManus v Bernard Murray
  Apr 12   Rocco Colombo v Gerry De Jager
Julien Morice v Bob Archer O' Brien
Mick McManus v Len Wilding
Jim Armstrong v Doug Joyce
  May 5   wrestling advert  
    10   Masambula v Steve Logan event moved to Thurs
        Ray Fury v Jim Hart
Jack Cunningham v Jean Morandi
Eric Sands v Ron Oakley
    24   Kiwi Kingston v Big Bill Verna
Alan Colbeck v Mick McManus
Leon Fortuna v Bobby Barnes?
Tony Cassio v Gori Ed Mangotich
  Jun 16   wrestling advert  
    21   Billy Joyce v Navarro Moyens
Alan Colbeck v Leon Fortuna
Ray Fury v Harry Kendall
Memo Diaz v Eddie Capelli
  Jul 5   Syed Saif Shah v Big Bill Verna
Johnny Czeslaw v Frank Hurley
Jack Dempsey v Jackie Pallo
Len Wilding v Tony Skario?
    19   Grant John S. Silver v David Armstrong
Adrian Street v Julian Morice
Johnny Kwango v Fred Von Lotter
Tony Cassio v Joe Murphy
K.O. Tournament
  Sep 12   Mr TV Pallo v Melwyn Riss
Johnny Cezeslaw v "Gorilla" Don Mendoza
Bernard Murray v Ken Shaw
"Dangerous" Danny Lynch v Harry Kendall
    20   Cowboy Joak Cassidy v Atomic Gerry De Jager
Frikki Alberta v Ray Fury
Bernard Murray v Bobby Barnes
Charlie Fisher v Doug Joyce
1964 Feb 27   wrestling advert  
  Nov 19   wrestling advert  
1965 Mar 14   Masked Zebra Kid v Kiwi Kingston
Ron Oakley v Tug Holton
Doug Joyce v Ray Fury
Iron Jaw Joe Murphy v Ray McGuire
    25   Sed Saif Shah v Big Bruno Elrington
Ken Shaw v "Gorilla" Don Mendoza
Bob Archer O'Brien v Bob Taylor
Steve Logan v Billy Forontos?
  Apr 8   Arion Manousakis v Johnny Yearsley
Nicolas Priore v Clay Thomson
Ignatious Borg v Tony Skarlo
Danny Lynch v Ray Fury
    22   French "Teddy Boys"
v Johnny Kwango & Linda Caulder
Tag Team
        Eddie O'Shea v Peter Rann
Yuri Borienko v El Greco
  May 6   George Cohen v Jackie Pallo
Pasquale Salvo v Bobby Barnes
Eddie Capelli v Peter Cortez
Syed Saif Shah v Johnny Czeslaw
    20   Johnny Yearsley & Frank Hurley
Tony Cassio & Ray Fury
Tiger Jim Ryan v Dave Phillips
Steve Logan v Clay Thomas
  Jun 3   Dazzler Joe Cornelius
v N'Boa The Snakeman
Sean Regan v Paul Luty
Abe Ginsberg v Bob Taylor
Gerry De Jager v Reg Williams
1968 Dec 27 Christmas spectacular advert

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