Eddie King and The Chequers


Mick, Eddie King and Roy

Mick Ives, Eddie King and Roy Ridgwell
Rock Club, British Legion, Hillingdon

Roy Ridgwell recalls:

Eddie King and The Chequers were based in Hillingdon/Hayes in Middlesex. We worked for a London Agent playing at venues all over the country.

We played as support band and backing solo artistes. If my memory serves me right we performed at the California about five times in the early sixties.

All the band members are still living though not still performing, except Freddie Tillyer who is currently in Arizona still Rockin' n Rollin' playing his Fat Sax.

Eddie King and the Chequers on stage

Freddy Tillyer, Roy Ridgwell, Eddie King , Gerry Adams (Drums), Mick Ives and Ray Kirkham. Photos Copyright Roy Ridgwell

We've lost touch with Ray Kirkham and Kevin Sparkes unfortunately but Eddie King (Michael Edwards) is now living in Wales, Mick Ives still lives in Hayes, Middlesex, Gerry Adams still lives in Uxbridge, Freddie Tillyer now lives in Arizona and I am in Redditch, Worcs.

I will ask my old pals if they have any memories of the California. If so I will forward them to you.

Eddie King and the Chequers publicity

Gerry Adams - drums, Eddie King - vocals, Kevin Sparkes - rythmn guitar, Freddy Tillyer - Tenor Sax
Front Mick Ives - bass guitar and Roy Ridgwell - lead guitar.
Publicity shot circa 1960

If anybody knows the whereabouts of Ray Kirkham or Kevin Sparkes, or has any photographs, posters or other ephemera of the band, please get in touch.

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