Freddie Mack Extravaganza

Freddie Mack

Mr Superbad

Freddie was an ex Boxer turned musician.... actually, musician is not quite the right word. Apparently he couldn't sing a note but was a superb front man and really worked the audience.

Freddie Mack on stage

Freddie Mack on stage

Freddie got into trouble with immigration in 1969.

Quote from Brian Morris - keyboards

"In the mid part of 1969 we teamed up with a guy named Freddie Mac, an ex heavyweight boxer from the USA, who couldn't sing a note but commanded the audience like he was a magnet. The band comprised of Eddie 'Tan Tan' Thomas, a trumpet player from Georgie Fame's band, a soprano sax player from Buddie Miles Express (lasted one week with us), a most remarkable conga player from Spooky Tooth, and a host of other players from all walks of the professional world."

Extravaganza on stage

Brian Morris - keyboards

"The most memorable occasion happened in the latter part of 1969 when we played a gig at another college in London. Freddie Mac had apparently been arrested for being an illegal alien in the UK. We were all set to start playing when we found out what had happened; a guitar player showed up, along with Carl Douglas (pre "Kung Fu Fighting" song fame) our lead singer, and told us the agency had sent him to take Freddie's place; his name was Carl Lee Perkins. Needless to say, it was a musical night to remember."

The Freddie Mack Extravaganza consisted of musicians pulled together from many well known bands such as:
Johnny Orlando (vocals) from 'The Originals' and 'Sounds Incorporated'

Mel Day

Mel Day

Mel Day (vocals) from 'Orange Rainbow'' and 'J.A.L.N Band'
Ray Lewis (Bass) from 'Barbette' and 'Memphis Mail'
Dave Roffey (Lead guitar) from 'Lee Hawkins' and 'Barbette'
Mick (tenor sax) with Georgie Fame, Alan Price and Zoot Money, 
Roy (trumpet) with Temptations, Del Vikings, J.J.Jackson, and Otis Reading
Rod Jones (bass) with Ian Hunter Band

Ultrafunk, featuring Mr. Superbad--Freddie Mack: Kung Fu Man/instrumental; Contempo; 1974 (disco, strings, hip words)

Quote from Mr Superbad

Hi Jaybee, How fantastic to hear from you. My most wonderful memory at the California was Xmas Eve 1969 when my band played on the same bill as my greatest friend Jimmy James. He had the hit "I'll Go Where the Music Takes Me" with the then Vagabonds.

Baby, the whole place rocked and the audience were amazing, a crowd that will never be seen again, they were dancing and singing, clapping and boogieing and it was a terrific inspiration to the band as we felt the love they had for our kinda music. Tony Morgan and Kookie Etan, the vocalists, and myself cried like babies we were so overcome with emotion at the reception we got at the California.

 It was a terrific gig, as were all the others, until the end of 1974 when I became the one and only K. Tel Records Mr Superbad and I regretfully disbanded the band.

I was the front man for many records under this label; "Superbad is Back" 1973 released only in America originally; "Superbad" 1974; "Souled Out" 1975; "Soul Motion" 1976; "Soul City" 1977; and "Superbad Returns" 1981. It was also during this time that I made the record with "Ultrafunk", called "Kung Fu Man" on Contempo Records.

I also became a Radio D.J. in Glasgow in 1979 and spent the time from then till my retirement last year working on just about every Scottish Station, and gigging the length and breadth of the country with my Disco Show. I also founded The Scot's Boxing Hall of Fame in 2001 and I am the President.

I have some old photos for you so I will scan them in when I have the chance and email them to you of both the Mack Sound and Extravaganza. I have checked most of the info on your magnificent website and it seems to be pretty accurate from what I can remember.

"So see you later alligator, after a while crocodile"

Love and best regards, Freddie


Extravaganza Poster

Extravaganza Flyer

Extravaganza on stage

Extravaganza on stage

Extravaganza wind section

Extravaganza wind section

Extravaganza horn section

a different angle

Extravaganza again

and again

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