Hot Chocolate


Hot Chocolate January 1973

Hot Chocolate January 1973


There was the memorable night that Hot Chocolate were on. I'd been at the front of the stage for some reason, probably getting a request from one of the crowd for Paul Gray. There was so much equipment on the stage it was really difficult to get back behind the decks, so I was squeezing past a large stack of speakers, trying desperately not to touch them in case they fell over, and I lost my balance. I fell backwards down the stairs to the dressing room and hit my head on a brick pillar, knocking myself out cold.

Hot Chocolate today

Hot Chocolate January 2003

When I came to, I was lying on the floor and I thought I was hallucinating as all I could see were pint beer mugs floating above my face. Apparently the band had decided that the best thing to do was all rush off and grab a glass of water. As soon as I started to move they all shoved their glasses at me in the hope that it would make me better. 

They insisted on taking me home at the end of the evening, so my mother opened the front door at 2am to find half of Hot Chocolate on the doorstep! Webmaster

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