The Hush

The Hush promotional shot

Line-up: Keith Fairhurst - Vocals/Harmonica
John Shedwick - Bass Guitar
Kenny Anders - Rhythm Guitar
Nigel Blanchard - Lead Guitar
Phil Quigley - Drums

photo copyright Keith Fairhurst

'The Chosen Few' was formed by a group of Manchester lads.

Moving to London in 1966 they changed their name to 'The Hush' and played at all the major venues of the time, including 'The Cali', where they played two gigs in Dec. 1966 and March 1967.

Forming a firm friendship with 'The Birds' they played a brand of high power R&B/Tamla Motown music. The group broke up in late 1967.

Keith Fairhurst is now in Australia. If anyone wishes to contact him please fill out the feedback form on this site and your comments will be forwarded.

The Hush live

Keith Fairhurst and Kenny Anders
at a Radio London night

photo copyright Keith Fairhurst

Just keeping in contact from 'down under'. Been in contact with my old group mates over the past few months, sadly our lead guitarist Nigel Blanshard passed away last year. We’re having a reunion next year and we all remember the “Cali” with fondness, and we all made the same comment!

The 'California Ballroom' Dunstable what a big place, don’t remember much about our first gig there, but on our second gig, March 67, the place was absolutely packed. We kicked off the night on the smaller stage, then “David Essex and Mood Indigo” went on, we did another set then 'The Who' were on and the place just rocked, loud, fabulous atmosphere, fabulous gig. We went on to play a gig at 'Blaises' later that night.

Just a few notes for the 'Band Quotes' section. The site is getting better all the time and is a great reference site for those who went and played there and for updates on the sound of 'Motown'

Keep up the good work and keep the sound alive.

Best Regards,

Keith Fairhurst (vocalist of “The Hush”)

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