Inspiration with Junior Walker

October 1967

Barry Stedman recalls:

I was the lead guitarist with Inspiration - we did loads of gigs at the Cali, we supported big names like the Tremeloes and we topped the bill a few times too! I remember we turned up one night expecting to support Del Shannon and ended up backing him!

The late 60's - what a great time. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us, I've lost track of everyone (including the other 2 members of the band).

I have just picked up some useless information for you: Our agent, Jack Fallon of Cana Variety Agency (who used to book us, and the Shades at the Cali) formed a partnership with a guy called B Fraser Reid and they ran 4 clubs and booked the Beatles a number of times (they weren't very impressed with them as they played to half-full houses) - and the name of their enterprise? JAYBEE! Seems like I've been here before! (Webmaster)

Inspiration on the roof

Photos Copyright Barry Stedman

As with many other bands, one member gets in touch, we post info on here and Hey Presto!.....

Drummer Mick Parker

Mick Parker with curtain

I have just discovered your site which, inevitably, pushed the nostalgia button. I was the drummer with INSPIRATION. We had great times at the Cali. I was 19 when we first played there and I'm now rapidly approaching 21....again! so, obviously, I do remember it very well!

I remember the 'dressing room', which was affectionately known as the 'kitchen' although it should have been renamed bearing in mind the amount of groups that peed in the sink before they went on stage.

I recall a great sense of camaraderie between most of the groups, however, we were working one night with an American solo artiste who insisted on his own dressing room! I think he ended up getting changed in the back of the ticket kiosk! oh well! that's show business and at least it stopped him peeing in OUR sink.

Mick Parker

Inspiration on stage

Photos Copyright Barry Stedman

So all we need now is Keith. If anybody knows the whereabouts of the rest of the Inspiration, or has any photographs, posters or other ephemera of them, please get in touch.

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