James Brown


James Brown Experience Picture

James Brown on stage

According to Blues & Soul Magazine from 1976, James had several European bookings cancelled so he had arranged to do three dates in England. The first was on a Saturday at the Wigan Casino, the second, Sunday at Barbarella's in Birmingham and the third, Monday at the California ballroom Dunstable.

On the Saturday, the road crew were obnoxious to the staff and DJs at the Casino and James never appeared. According to Russ Winstanley's book, he did arrive but took one look and decided that it wasn't full and went straight back to his hotel.

The Barbarella's gig seems to have gone ahead.

Paul Gray who was the DJ for the night remembers that James arrived so late at the Cali, 11.30, that most of the crowd had gone home. Normal pick-up time by parents after a gig was 10.30.