Johnny Milton and the Condors

Johnny Milton and the Condors Picture

on the large stage at the California

Formed in the early 1960s prior to the Beat Boom explosion, the Essex rooted Johnny Milton and the Condors comprised:

Mick Clarke (b. 10 August 1946, Grimsby, Humberside, England; bass/vocals), Clive Graham (drums), Johnny Milton (vocals) and Rikki Smith (lead guitar).


A magazine article from February 1965 said:

Undiscovered British Group

They may look just like boys-next-door but these boys have something extra. It's a little thing called star potential and a special feeling called rhythm

Johnny Milton and the Condors

from the magazine article in 1965

They have such a polished stage act, you can't understand why they haven't hit the big time yet. Their stage act has to be seen to be believed.

So why haven't they made the charts? Well since the group was formed - that's three years ago now - Johnny and his Condors haven't been worrying any too much about making records. In fact they've made only two.

Instead they've been working on their stage act playing to live audiences. Have they succeeded? Let's just say the boys know just about every ballroom in the country and for some time now have been working seven nights a week.


Johnny Milton and the Condors

large stage again circa 1964
above you can see the Vista Bar as it was
before it was blocked in around 1971

Johnny Milton

John Milton on the large stage at the
Cali. This must have been 1964 as
the wallpaper has changed

Clive Graham was actually the leader of the band, not Johnny Milton. The group had decided that Johnny had the best voice and as such should front them but apparently they made sure they never told him that was why.

They wrote all their own stuff and their manager was Geoff Stephens who penned "The Crying Game", "Tell Me When" and many more.

The Condors recorded and released two singles. Both were unsuccessful. In 1965, they changed their name to The Symbols.



Rare 60s Beat Treasures Vol. 5

1999: UK: Gone Beat BT-CD 77014 (CD)
Two tracks on this credited to the Condors
'A Girl named Sue' and 'Something Else'



The Condors

This appears to have been taken in the dressing room,
otherwise known as "the kitchen"

Johnny Milton and the Condors

A flyer for the release of "Cry Baby"

Thanks go to Janice Hines for holding on to these shots for so many years and for spending the time to dig them out and send them through

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