Love Affair

Love Affair Mk1 Album

The original line-up

Love Affair played the California on many occasions. The line-up changed many times over the years but the originals were fronted by Steve Ellis who was lead singer at the height of their fame.

Steve remembers the California well, probably for all the wrong reasons. He told me:

"I bet you don't remember the night I knocked myself out. I did a back flip and hit one of the big amps. It came crashing down on top of me. Two of the bouncers hauled me out, put me back on my feet in front of the mic and I spent the rest of the performance spitting out bits of my back teeth."

Steve has his own web site at

Love Affair photo

At the California Ballroom in December 1972

Line-up in 1972: Dick Scarfe (lead guitar)
Bill Gifford (bass guitar)
John Cook (keyboards)
Dave Potts (drums)
Bob England (vocals)

Many thanks to the anonymous tip off from "me" that the signature on the left was for Dick Scarfe not Leaf. You're a star. And a shy one at that. :-)