Mike Dean and the Kinsmen

Mike Dean and the Kinsmen Picture

Publicity Shot

Formed in the early 1960s prior to the Beat Boom explosion, Mike Dean and the Kinsmen comprised:

Mike Dean - Singer
John Bowen - Lead Guitar
David Young - Rhythm Guitar
David Williams - Bass Guitar
Peter Fisher - Drums

Later on the line-up changed when David Williams was replaced by Alan Sinfield and David Young was replaced by Pat (Chic) Jefferson.

The photographs below were taken at the California Ballroom and show this second line-up. The Kinsmen were obviously popular as they progressed from the small stage onto the large. Many bands would have given their all for that privilege.

The final line-up saw  John Bowen replaced by Brian Taylor and Alan Sinfield replaced by John Bachinni. Brian Taylor had previously played with local band, The Hustlers alongside Mick Abrahams who later joined Jethro Tull.

All of the photographs on this page were supplied by Pat (Chic) Jefferson.

Mike Dean and the Kinsmen

on the small stage at the California Ballroom

Mike Dean and the Kinsmen

small stage again circa 1964

Mike Dean and the Kinsmen

large stage circa 1964
above you can see the Vista Bar as it was
before it was blocked in around 1971 when the two stages
were combined into one and moved under the Hillside bar

Mike Dean and the Kinsmen

large stage again

Mike Dean and the Kinsmen

Another Publicity Shot



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