Respect promotional shot

Line-up L-R: Dave Bowden (lead vocals)
Mick Grant (rhythm/lead guitar and vocals)
Anthony J. Jackman 'Jon Rich' (bass and vocals)
Keith Hills (lead guitar)
Graham 'Charlie' Chandler (drums)

In 1969 our group RESPECT supported many well known artists at the California Ballroom. I have fond memories and remember very well a young Robert Palmer, who had just replaced Jess Roden on vocals, with the Alan Bown Set asking me if he could have a go on my Gibson 335 guitar, which he did, and our drummer 'Charlie' remembers our singer Dave Bowden, on another occasion, asking Marsha Hunt if she would jam 'The Season of the Witch' with us - which she didn't!!! In actual fact Marsha Hunt‘s drummer was very late arriving on that evening and the Lead Guitarist asked 'Charlie' if he would fill in for their drummer if he didn't arrive. Marsha Hunt's drummer did finally arrive and the show went on with Nick Simpler (ex-original Deep Purple) on bass.

RESPECT supported the following bands at the Cali in 1969:
The Moody Blues, Long John Baldry, Marsha Hunt, The Freddie Mack Extravaganza, The Alan Bown Set, The Love Affair, Bonzo Dog and the Chiffons.

Oh! yes, we used to make a point of turning up early so that we could play on the main stage rather than the small stage at the other end and 'Charlie' says the gentleman who let us in was a Luton Town football supporter as he would always be a little late if they had a home game!!!!! (That would have been Little Dennis - webmaster)

Our group used to idolize The Move and even got to know them through our Roadie Rob Evans. One night at the 'Cali' Roy Wood told us that their next single would be a blues number (Wild Tiger Woman) whilst we all drank a Brandy Coke at the bar above the stage!

I am forwarding a photo of myself tuning my Fender Stratocaster, on stage at the 'Cali', prior to a Gig early 1969 (see below) and also a Group Autograph Card late 1969 early 1970. (see above)

RESPECT's line up in those days was as follows:
Dave Bowden (lead vocals), Keith Hills (lead guitar),Graham 'Charlie' Chandler (drums) Anthony J. Jackman 'Jon Rich' (bass and vocals)) and myself Mick Grant (rhythm/lead guitar and vocals)

In 1970 Dave Bowden left Respect and joined 'The Farm' and was replaced with Bill Smith and Christine Prentice on vocals. After a tour in 1970 of Germany, Keith also left to join 'The Farm'. When we were not successful in finding a replacement for Keith, RESPECT called it a day and disbanded. Whilst playing with 'The Farm' Dave and Keith had the pleasure of accompanying two future 'Stars' Nigel Harrison (bass with Blondie) and the late Paul Hammond (drums with Atomic Rooster) Nigel and Paul were both well known to all of the RESPECT as they both lived close to High Wycombe - the home of RESPECT.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank John Sparrowhawk at the A1 Agency in High Wycombe for getting us so many gigs at the California Ballroom Dunstable.

I returned to Germany in 1971, after selling my Gibson 175D to Nigel Harrison, where I have lived since. At 55 I am still married to Monika who I met in Germany on our tour of 1970. I gave up playing the guitar when I was in Germany but am proud to say that my son Alex is keeping up the tradition and is a singer in a duo.

With respect,

Michael H. Grant

If anyone wishes to contact Michael please fill out the feedback form on this site and your comments will be forwarded.

Mick on the large stage at the California Ballroom

Mick Grant at the California 1969
photos copyright Michael H. Grant

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