Sunday Soul

Review of 4th July 2004

This was the first of these nights I'd managed to get along to. I'd been told to arrive early as it was often so packed you had to queue to get in so I duly arrived at around 8.15 only to find that the majority of the Fun population also wanted to watch Greece play Portugal.

That's not to say the place was empty, it wasn't, there was a good crowd but it wasn't so packed you couldn't move. Good job too. Rob James and Louie Martin have some amazing sounds and as all my old favourites came on I had to start moving.

The Cork & Bull has a dance floor up by the decks but to be honest with you, the floor near the bar is just as good. It's all tiled so it's nice and slidey. Talking of the bar, it's one of the few places I've come across where the staff are so well organised you never had to wait more than a minute to get served. Amazing.

Rob & Louie have worked together many times over the years. Louie was of course a regular at the California both in the Ballroom and the Devil's Den/Didoz and these are the sounds he still loves to this day. Rob was playing similar grooves at Pink Elephant. Between them they have a massive collection and a lot of rarities.

I found myself oohing and ahhing as old favourites kept coming on, some I haven't heard for years. How many of you remember Timmy Thomas? A one hit wonder but everyone loves that track.

Guest DJs appear as and when Rob and Louie can arrange it. Chris Brown of Caister weekender fame was there this night. Chris also appeared on many occasions at the California most notably with Chris Hill, Louie and the rest of the Soul Mafia at the All-Dayers. I hadn't seen him for years.

If you like your Soul and like it a little funky then get down to the Cork & Bull in Cumberland Street on the first Sunday of each month. You'll have a blast!