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The whys and wherefores about this site

How do I book the California Ballroom for my event?

Oh if only! Unfortunately the California was demolished in 1980 and is now a housing estate

I remember seeing xxxx at the California but I can't find them on the site

I have tried to make this site a reliable reference and in doing so, decided from day one that I would only put things on where I had some sort of proof that it took place. As a result of this I only publish details if I have two pieces of evidence. This could be two adverts, either from a flyer and a newspaper, or from two different publications.

The reason for this is that mistakes could be and were made. It was not unusual for Blues and Soul for example, to publish an ad for a band in the wrong week. The only exception to this rule is where several people remember the same thing and they all remember exactly the same detail.

However, please do not let this stop you from sending in your memories. It may be that you are the person who gives me the third person corroboration or starts a trail for something new.

Why don't you have a page for all of the bands

Well I could put a page up for each of them but you wouldn't find it terribly interesting. I have only done pages so far where I have a photograph or some information directly relating to the California. It seems pointless to fill the site up with hundreds of pages filled with information that is available all across the internet.

Whenever possible, I ask the bands for photos, dates and any memories they have and that is used as a basis for their page, unfortunately, a lot of these guys didn't keep a lot of their old ephemera. Some did however and we just have to wait for them to dig it out of their attic or garage.

If you have photographs taken at the California then please send us a scan of them or get in touch and I can arrange to get them scanned for you. You will receive full credit on the site.

I want to run a California Ballroom event,what do I need to do?

Go take a look at the licensing page, everything you need to know is on there.

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