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Events are only confirmed if printed evidence is available, i.e.. Magazine, Advert, Ticket, Poster etc. or if verified by two independent sources. Internet sourced dates are not classed as evidence due to errors being copied from site to site.
All acts are listed exactly as they appeared in the advert.
It will be noted that in the early years, some of the more famous bands had differing names and may have been lower on the bill. This usually means that they were, as yet, relatively unknown.
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All the gigs and events at the California Ballroom during 1977

Date Valid Event Comments
Jan 1 Pool Bar plus Pool Hall now open every afternoon 20 full size pool tables Free entry
  14 Rus Lane Didoz Adm 1
  15 Harry Scot (Comedian) Didoz Adm 1
15 J.A.L.N Band with Brother Louie and Paul Gray Adm 1
28 Friday Night Disco with Brother Louie and Paul Gray Adm 25p
29 Disco in the Devil's Den with Robbie Burns
Feb 5 Linda & the Funky Boys plus The Majors Adm. 1
  11 Tim Lane & Carol Ann Musical Comedy entertainers. Didoz 1/1.50
  12 Monty Wells plus top line group Didoz 1/1.50
  12 Skunk Adm. 80p
  18 The Manhattans with the welcome return of Bruce Benson Adm. 1
  18 Joseph Locke plus harmony band Peppe Didoz 1/1.50
  19 The Burns Brothers plus Tangerine Didoz 1/1.50
  19 The Moments plus The Rimshots with DJ Bruce Benson Adm. 1.75
  25 Sweet Something (Dancing Troupe) plus Quad Libre Didoz 1/1.50
  25 Sweet Something (Dancing Troupe) with DJs Bruce Benson, Mouse and Kev Steed Adm. 50p
  26 Mike O'Malley from TVs "Who do you do" Didoz 1/1.50
  26 Tamla Motown Gold
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Adm. 1.50
Mar 4 Laura Leslie Didoz 1/1.50
  5 No reservations for Didoz... Fully Booked  
  5 Edwin Starr Adm. 1.25
  11 Over 25s Disco Didoz 1/1.50
  12 Johnnie Walker & Bruce Benson Adm. 80p
  12 The Bewildering Zodias Mindreading act Didoz 1/1.50
  18 Frank Carson Didoz 5 inc. 3 course dinner
  18 The biggest Disco in town with a lorry load of DJs playing the best funk, soul and dance music. Adm. 80p
  19 Frank Carson Didoz 5 inc. 3 course dinner
  19 The Fantastics Adm. 1
26 The Commodores Adm. 2
26 Laura Leslie Didoz 1/1.50
Apr 1 April Fools Disco with our foolish DJs. no adm price given.
2 J.A.L.N. Band Adm. 1
2 Lew Lewis Didoz 1/1.50
7 Friday Night Disco on Thursday Adm. 50p
8 Good Friday Closed  
9 Skunk Adm 80p
11 Soul with Brother Louie Devil's Den Adm. 50p
16 Herbie and the Good Timers Adm 80p
  21 Grand Opening of Didoz The newest most exclusive Bistro scene for over 21s. Adm. 1
  22 Tony Prince from Radio Luxembourg Adm. ?
23 Detroit Spinners & Brass Construction Adm. 5
28 Hot Pussy (Dancing Team) Didoz 1/2
29 David Hamilton from Radio One and Top of the Pops Adm. ?
29 Live Music from Quad Libre Didoz 1/2
30 Four Tops Adm 3.50p
May 6 Live Music from Quad Libre Didoz Free/1/2
7 Live Music from Quad Libre Didoz Free/1/2
8 Sunday Soul
Devil's Den Phase III
DJs Louie Martin & Kev Steed Adm 80p
14 Heatwave Adm 2
27 Copperfield Didoz Free/1/2
28 Copperfield Didoz Free/1/2
28 Junior Walker & The All Stars Adm. 2
30 The Clash, Subway Sect, The Slits and the Prefects plus another support band The last day of the White Riot tour. There were two arrests and a near riot.

with DJ Paul Gray Adm. 2

Jun 4 The Damned plus The Adverts with DJ Paul Gray Adm. 1.50
4 Surprise Live Group Didoz Free/1/2
11 Surprise Live Group Didoz Free/1/2
11 The Stranglers plus London Rattus Norvegicus Tour Adm. 1.60
17 Fresh Didoz Free/1
  18 Copperfield Didoz Free/1
  23 Music of the late 60s plus today's hits. Live music with Fresh and support DJ Didoz Free/1
  24 The Ray J Day music show plus Tapestry Didoz Free/1
  25 Archie Bells & The Drells Adm. 2
  25 Copperfield Didoz Free/1
  26 Sunday Soul
Devil's Den Phase III
DJs Louie Martin & Kev Steed Adm 80p
  30 Bruce Benson presents music from the early 70s Didoz Free/1
Jul 1 Copperfield Didoz Free/1
  2 Tapestry Didoz Free/1
  9 The Jam plus Chelsea with DJ Paul Gray Adm. 1.75p
  21 Disco Night Didoz 50p/1
  22 Copperfield Didoz 50p/1
  23 Copperfield Didoz 50p/1
  30   Wayne County & the Electric Chairs Listed as California Suite
Aug 8 California Ballroom closes it's doors and is put on the market by the Green/Ilka families
Oct 8   Ritchie Family Blues & Soul Magazine has an advert for this gig which can't have taken place....... unless you know better?
Dec 16 California Ballroom bought by businessman Bill Seymour for 250,000
  21 Grand re-opening of Didoz Disco Didoz free
  22 Didoz Disco 8-2 Didoz 50p/1
  23 Didoz Disco 8-2 Didoz 1.50p
  24 Didoz Disco 7-12 Didoz 2
  26 Didoz Disco 8-2 Didoz 1/1.50p

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