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Events are only confirmed if printed evidence is available, i.e.. Magazine, Advert, Ticket, Poster etc. or if verified by two independent sources. Internet sourced dates are not classed as evidence due to errors being copied from site to site.
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Items in yellow are from Mick Ilka's bookings diary and require confirmation.
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All the gigs and events at the California Ballroom during 1978

Date Valid Event Comments
Jan 01 Over 25s Disco Night DJ Paul Gray. Dance + Dine + Wine the night away. Adm. Free
02 Disco DJ Paul Gray for current music trends 1.10/1.50
03 Soul + Funk DJ Brother Louie + Kev Steed. Disco the USA way 1.10/1.50
04 Disco DJ Shossey playing the hits of today with disco your way Adm. 1.10/1.50
05 Soul + Funk DJ Brother Louie + Kev Steed. Disco the USA way 1.10/1.50
14 Phase 1 of California Skateboard Scene opening
19 Black Rose Heavy Rock Night
26 Risky Business Heavy Rock Night
Feb 01 Warm Sands Adm. Free
02 Closed Closed every Thursday until further notice
03 Robbie Vincent Direct from BBC Radio London 11-12. 165 + 45 expenses
08 Over 25s Disco Night
10 Soul-Funk Club Brother Louie + Kev Steed
16 The Alabama Hayriders Country Music Night
21 Slade This date comes from a Slade web site and Mick's diary. There is no other record of them appearing. It may have been switched to the Queensway or cancelled altogether
22 Hogarth's World Over 25s Disco Night Adm. Free
23 The Sidewinders Country Music Night
24 Soul - Funk Club
25 The Jam Fee for performance 1000
we are told by Paul Baker that the support act was the Sex Pistols

DJ Paul Gray in Didoz with Pop Chart Sounds

26 Soul - Funk Club
Mar 01 August Over 25s Disco Night
02 Five Star Stud Country Music Night
03 Soul Funk
04 Tweenage Disco 7.30-11pm
04 Pop Chart Sounds DJ Paul Gray
04 Subway Sect + The Lous 150 + 55% gross. If this went ahead it is likely to have been part of the Tweenage Disco and held in the Ballroom
05 Soul Funk Club
08 Silver Coin Over 25s Disco Night
09 Closed Private Party
10 Soul Funk
11 Pop Chart Sounds DJ Paul Gray
11 Slade or Subway Sect + The Lous (not clear) May have been a booking in the Queensway Hall as by this time Mick was booking for both venues
12 Soul Funk Club
15 Over 25s Disco Night
16 Closed Private Party
17 Soul Funk DJ Brother Louie
18 Pop Chart Sounds DJ Paul Gray
19 Soul Funk Club
22 Hogarth's World Over 25s Disco Night
24 Closed Good Friday
25 Disco for everyone DJ Paul Gray
25 Junior Disco for under 17s 7.30-11pm Adm. 50p Ballroom?
26 Soul Funk Club DJ Brother Louie + Kev Steed
27 Soul Funk Night Easter Monday
28 Electrolux Disco in Didoz DJ Louie
29 August Over 25s Disco Night
Apr 1 Tavares Ballroom Adm. 2
8 Showaddywaddy
15 Real Thing
20 Danny's Clan A whistle and flute do in Didoz. Special Buffet included Adm. 2.50
22 Suzi Quattro Admission 2/2.50 7.30pm Ballroom
23 East Anglian Soul Club ALL-DAYER Chris Hill and Chris Brown plus other DJ's
2pm - Midnight Admission 1.50p
Members only
27 Suzi QuattroAnd the DD Roadshow in Didoz See Paul Gray comments re mid-weeker
29 Hi Tension Hottest new funk band. Adm 2
May 11 Out of the Blue Admission 75p Didoz
13 Showaddywaddy Admission 3.00/3.50 7.30pm Ballroom
18 The Crusaders
18 Nuts in May
Free bubbly/Lager
with DJ Tony Brennan in Didoz Adm. 1
20 Steel Pulse DJ Steve Barnard
Admission 2.00 7.30pm
25 Gregory Isaacs
with special guests 15/16/17
Didoz Adm. 2
27 Brass Construction supported by Rokotto Admission 3.50 7.30pm
29 Devil's Den Phase IV Brother Louie + Kev Steed Didoz
By this time the Devil's Den had been in the basement, in the Vista Bar and had now shifted to Didoz
Jun 1 Free Bubbly/Lager DJ Ding
2 Robbie Vincent
3 Black Slate Admission 1.50 7.30pm Ballroom
10 Heatwave Admission 3.00 7.30pm Ballroom
22 DJ Tony Brennan
24 ? Festival (handwriting not clear)
29 The Howard Neil Roadshow Free Dubonnet
Jul 8 Emperor Rosko + Legs & Co Ballroom 9-10 Didoz 11-12
1.50 till 10pm 2.00 after
8 Ramsey Lewis plus 6 piece
20 DJ John Doulton
22 Hi Tension supported by Rokotto
Aug 03 Mark Phillips Adm. Free/1 Didoz
10 DJ Dave Bolton Adm. Free/1 Didoz
14 Dates Club Members only
17 DJ Tony Brennan Adm. Free/1 Didoz
24 DJ Mark Jeffries Adm. Free/1 Didoz
26   Rokotto Gig listed in Sounds Magazine. Sent in by Phil. Thanks.
31 DJ John James Adm. Free/1 Didoz
Sep 07 DJ Dave Bolton Adm. Free/1 Didoz
08 TGIF Teenage Disco 8-11pm Ballroom
09 Eddie Kendricks
16 Olympic Runners + Kandidate DJ Robbie Vincent
Admission 2.50 7.30pm
22 T-Connection
23 Donald & the Blackbyrds
28 DJ Mark Phillips Adm. 1
30 The Crusaders Admission 3.50 7.30pm Ballroom
Oct 1 Official opening of Didoz 8 hours of solid funk with DJs Brother Louie, Kev Steed, Robbie Burns and Stavros Adm. 1 inc. Sunday lunch, Sandwiches etc.
5 DJ Andy Anderson Adm. 1 Didoz
7 Crown Heights Affair Admission 3.00 7.30pm Ballroom
7 Rose Royce
12 DJ John Doulton Adm. 1 Didoz
14 Lenny Williams
19 DJ Tony Brennan Adm. 1 Didoz
21 Third World
26 DJ Ding Adm. 1 Didoz
28 Four Tops Adm. 3.50p Diary has "cancelled" pencilled in but it definitely went ahead. We have a newspaper cutting and the ad.
Nov 2 Isaac Hayes + Edwin Starr With 20 piece orchestra, 8 piece rhythm section and 3 backup singers. Adm. 3.50p in advance, 4 on the door.
2 DJ John James Adm. 1 Didoz
3 National Soul Festival Road Show DJs Greg Edwards, Robbie Vincent & Chris Brown
Admission 1.50 8.00pm
4 Steel Pulse Adm. 2.50p Ballroom
9 The Howard Neil Roadshow Special price Vodka & Russian
11 Third World
Platinum Hook
Adm. 2
12 California Rollers Roller skating on a maple floor. Adm. 50p Ballroom
16 DJ Tony Brennan Adm. 1 Didoz
18 Sylvester
23 Grand opening of Roller Disco With Radio DJ Peter Powell Adm. 1 including hire of skates
23 DJ Mark Phillips and his Royal Roadshow Adm. 1 Didoz
30 DJ Ding Adm. 1 Didoz
30 Roller Disco with DJ Al Burnet Adm. 1 Ballroom
Dec Didoz in December

Mon - Dates Club

Thu - Roadshow Night
Fri - Soul and Funk
Sat - Disco for everyone
Sun - Soul and Funk Club
5 Generation X plus support
(The Cure)
Disco by David 'Kid' Jensen
Admission 2
The Cure get kicked from the Generation X Tour after eight performances. Possible reasons for their departure vary from The Cure getting too much attention, to a drunk Lol urinating on Billy Idol's leg
7 DJ Andy Anderson and his Zodiac Roadshow Adm. 1 Didoz
9 Tapper Zukie Admission 2.50 Ballroom
14 DJ Tony Brennan Adm. 1 Didoz with free Snowball and Pina Colada
20 Grand Christmas Buffet featuring Sonya Montego Admission 4.50 Didoz
21 DJ Wally King's Roadshow Didoz
23 J.A.L.N Band Disco with Brother Louie & Kev Steed
Admission 2.00 7.30pm
26 Boxing Night Christmas Party Disco with Al Burnet in Didoz
28 DJ John Doulton Didoz
31 Hi Tension Admission 3.00 7.30pm
Only 200 people turned up due to the really bad weather that had hit the region. (Gazette)

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