Bruce Benson Columns

The content of some of the columns is highly suspect to say the least. Bruce would often make things up so don't take anything you read as gospel.

A Keith Skues visit may be on the cards

Dunstable Gazette 10th Nov 1972

Well here I am again, complete with quill in hand and paper on desk, to inform the 'groovers' as to what is happening. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of having a coffee with my old mate Keith Skues down at the BBC, and he told me that he is coming to Dunstable soon to record street interviews for his programme "Night Ride" on Radio 2. Watch this space for more details.

Have you thought about Christmas yet? It's only six weeks away and what a jolly time to be had. But will it be as jolly as it could be? Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve both fall on a Sunday. That means no dancing until after midnight, and after midnight as you have probably worked out, Christmas Eve becomes Christmas Day, another day for no dancing. Parliament is contemplating whether to revise this law. I think they should. Everyone wants to celebrate events such as Christmas and New Year's Eve. Let's work out something sensible. What are your views? Write to me c/o Dunstable Gazette and let me know.

Talking of letters, I'd like to say thanks to a lot of those who dropped me a line last week. I'm just sorting through them and we may be printing some in next week's Gazette.

On the record scene: I must say how chuffed I am to see one of Benson's predictions of last week in the BBC Fun Thirty. At 22 it's Jeff Beck and Hi-Ho Silver Lining. My prediction for this week - number one for Donny Osmond and Why, coupled with Chuck Berry and My Ding-a-ling. Watch them folks.

Happy event on the entertainment scene - Les Dunston, one of the more famous local DJs, who has now moved on to managerial positions, has this week informed the world that he will marry the lovable Barbara early next year. Congrats all round Les and Barb.

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