Clive Mason

Clive Mason

Clive Mason in 2005

I live in Rushden, Northants now and work in Sales. After Didoz I jocked at Tiffanys in the quadrant for a while and also Tiffanys in Great Yarmouth. I also had short spells at Mad Hatters in Luton (remember that place). I moved into Band work and went pro in 85 and then formed my own entertainment agency "Clive Mason Entertainments". I sold that business in 2000 and now work in sales.

I married Yasmin (her and her sister Linda) were barmaids in 1979 at Didoz and we have a daughter Sarah who is 21. Sadly we are now divorced.

My memories of Didoz are many. The split dance floors where you played to a seated audience with a floor either side. The door staff Brendan, Barry and his brother launching themselves into a punch-up when the DJ pushed the panic button! Also the night a mini bus load came from Watford with sticks and clubs and we all hid in Mike's office whilst Barry took them on single handed!! Mike and Lynne Rutter where are they now? The night that I wound the audience up by not playing 'Streetlife' by Randy Crawford when it was just released and telling them "OK here it is then you've waiting ages for it but here's streetlife !!!!" Then I played Brian Ferry's 'Streetlife'. Their faces I can remember today !!

Looking at your entries for Gigs I can add a little more info. The 'Dates' private booking was a singles club run by a Caesars doorman called Wally. He originally ran it on Mondays at the Halfway House until it closed. He moved it to Didoz but it didn't really happen. I used to do 'dates' for Wally along with Al Burnett a smashing guy who looked a bit like Noddy Holder.

I was actually there before as stated in the Gigs 1979 I DJ'd as follows

All in Didoz 29 March 4th April I compered the rag queen competition as well as DJ'd 5thApril

I was always a party type DJ not heavily into the Jazz Funk scene Top playing records (to name a few) 'Streetlife' Randy Crawford, 'Shame' Evelyn Champagne King, 'Can you feel the force' Real Thing, 'Atmosphere' Atmosphere, 'Turn the music up' Players Association Etc. Etc.

Great memories !! Would be up for a guest spot if any body wanted it !!

Attached is an up to date photo of me (not good!)

Best regards


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