Graham Bonney

Graham Bonney in 1973


Graham worked at many venues with Bruce Benson. In the early 70s he was almost constantly to be found behind the decks at Aquarius Night Club in West Street (where the big Chinese Restaurant is now)


Graham Bonney holds one huge claim to fame

he was the DJ on stage the night Johnny Nash asked if his protégé could come up and sing a couple of numbers.

That protégé turned out to be a very young Bob Marley who had just recorded his first tracks for CBS


Bensons stag night

as remembered by Robbie St. James

Graham Bonney and I got outrageously drunk. He wanted to go for a late night swim and disappeared outside to the pool area.

It took me a few seconds to realise that the pool had been emptied.

I got to the pool just in time to see him take a swallow dive into six feet of nothing.

 Not a scratch or bruise anywhere.

Funny how drunkenness makes the body very flexible!! I was sobered up very quickly that night by having to carry/drag him home. Funny thing about it is that he didn't remember a thing about it the next day. Probably still doesn't.

When asked about this incident: Graham remembers nothing

Graham Bonney with Mick Rutter 2003

Mick Rutter (left) and Graham
holding the mirror ball from the Ballroom

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