Mr H aka Mad Harry

Mr H

Harry in the Den the week after opening night

Unfortunately an appalling photo of Harry taken in the Den in 1972 in the week after it opened.

The write-up says: Things are hotting up down in the Devil's Den as the mysterious Mad Harry makes merry and sends his followers into a wild frenzy.

Mad Harry is in fact Houghton Regis disc jockey Paul Tring, who was going through his paces at the Devil's Den Discotheque, which was opened at the California Ballroom last week. Paul is pictured listening to his disco sounds.

Dunstable Gazette November 1972

I remember this being taken. The Den had actually opened the previous week but somebody had forgotten to invite the press, so this had been set up mid-week to hit the paper for the following weekend. A few noses were out of joint as the DJs who had performed on the big night didn't get a mention. Just for the record, opening night DJs were, in order of appearance:

Paul Gray, Ray J Day and a brief appearance from Bruce Benson

Paul Gray played the first record in the Den. The doors opened to Honky Tonk by James Brown.

The evening the above photo was taken, Harry, wound things up by pouring his beer all over the decks.

Harry is alive and well and still living in the area.

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