Kev Steed

Kev Steed and Louie Martin in 1989 holding the Didoz sign

1989 Kev, Louie and ? holding the Didoz sign

Must say, love the website. You have done a great job. It was fun looking through it all and remembering when I was working at the Cali and what nights I did. I remember doing the Devils Den with Louie, and of course Didoz, but I cant remember what year I was working in the ballroom itself.

I think that I done the Crusaders, Heatwave and some others, sorry but with age comes the memory lapse. I remember the DJ equipment in the ballroom where we had to operate all those light as well, it looked like a flight simulator.

I am pleased that everyone is well, look forward to seeing you all again, and catching up with Louie, do send him my regards.

I will type something up with all my memories for you when I get back to Spain and e-mail it to you, including my great memories of Mick and his love of American cars. I am sure I have pictures and a lot of adverts that went in the press somewhere, will drag it out for you in case they might be of any help.

Do drop me a line anytime if I can be of help,

look forward to seeing you soon


and see us soon he did. For those of you who remember the old days, here's Kev!

Kev Steed in Dunstable 2007

2007 Paul Gray, Kev Steed and Woodsy at the Ferret in Dunstable

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