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Louie Martin with John Hassinger

1985 At a Blues & Soul magazine party. Louie with B&S executive John Hassinger. Many of the groups playing at the California would be advertised in the magazine and John would often come along

Louie Martin at Oakdale

Louie's first gig in 1972 at the Oakdale Youth Club in Luton. On the right is Little Richard who assisted Louie for a number of years

Brother Louie with the Cali roadshow

The California goes on the road at the Royalty, Southgate in 1978. Little Richard is on the right again

Brother Louie with Rosko jingle machine

Brother Louie at the California in 1976. On Friday nights when there were no groups, the decks were brought forward onto the stage in order to be closer to the crowd. In the centre of the decks you can see a Rosko jingle machine which was donated by the Emperor who lived in nearby Caddington

Louie Martin in the Chiltern studio

Louie at Chiltern Radio in 1988. This was Studio 1. On the left is Shaun Vincent from Sweetings in Bedford and on the right, Singer John Paul Barrett. The occasion was the Louie Martin Soul Show

Louie Martin with Mike Mandell

Backstage at the California Ballroom 22/4/79 with Mike Mandell the keyboard player from the Players Association

Louie Martin with Danny Weiss

In the artists car park at the Cali in 22/4/79 with Chris Hills the drummer from the Players Association and producer Danny Weiss

Louie Martin broadcasting

Louie Martin Saturday kids club

Louie doing his Saturday Kids show for Chiltern radio in 1988

Louie Martin - poseur

What a bleedin' poseur. Louie Martin attempts a Blues Brothers guise and fails dismally. He claims the pic was taken in Greece but I'm reliably informed it's Southend.

I didn't write that - HONEST! (webmaster)

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