Stavros aka Little Richard


Stavros (right) with Martin Collins who now does the Late Show on Virgin Radio

And a more recent one. Where's the hair!?

The California Ballroom DJs

The suspects. Left to right...
Tony Simmons, Paul Gray, Derek from Hi-Tension,
Robbie Burns, Stavros and Louie Martin
Taken in 2005

Stavros aka Little Richard aka Richard Anker lives in North London and was somewhat taken aback to be tracked down after so many years. Not, however quite as taken aback as Louie Martin was when Richard leapt out on him at the Soul Academy gig in March 2005.

Like most of the other Cali jocks, Richard stored his precious vinyl collection in the attic and forgot about the music scene whilst he got on with real life. He is now the Technical Director for a company who supply and fit Pizza ovens. He is not averse to jumping back behind the decks though so watch this space!