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Malcolm Baggott
Backing singer with the Fantastics who contributed memories of their gig at the Cali. Mal, I've got the correct date now!
Bedfordshire County Life Magazine
For allowing me to use an article from a back issue and for offering (which was gratefully accepted) to place a press release in the Autumn 2003 edition.
Roger Bown
For photographs of people, jocks and Kool & the Gang
Merv Bright
For sending through recordings of Louie Martin's radio shows
Dave Cook
AKA Carl Edwardes. For so much info I couldn't list it all here.
Mal Cook
Mal has close connections with the music industry and with many of the artistes from the sixties in particular. If I listed the bands he's worked with on here I'd end up with a page as long as some of the gig lists. He has provided me with a vast amount of information, photographs, contact info and anecdotes. He is currently writing a book about his memories of being on the road with many bands and singers (amongst other things). When it is released I'll post the information on here
Mick Clarke
Currently with his own band and previously, with Killing Floor who played the California ten times in '68 and '69, Mick has come up with some really interesting info on the Howlin' Wolf gig that never happened and supplied me with dates and other stuff. He has very kindly allowed me to borrow (swipe) images from his web site Killing floor have recently got back together and recorded their first album in 32 years.
Duncan of DJD Promotions
Duncan sent through loads of info and it appears, has a lot more. DJD Soul Promotions run music nights around the area and specialise in Soul/Jazz/Funk/Tamla nights. Check out the Events page to see what's on.
Dunstable Gazette and Luton News
Spent many happy hours hunting through old papers and fiches pulling out the goldmine of information that's hidden inside. I've also been given loads of cuttings from both of these papers that people have held onto for 20 - 30 years. On contacting the Gazette to get their permission to use cuttings and quotes on this site, I was rewarded with an interview that appeared in the paper in August 2003. That interview has led to loads of really useful contacts. Thank you.
Peter Farley
Who is trying to contact Little Dennis
Paddy Grady
Author, (he's written a book), columnist for Blues and Soul Magazine, DJ and the man behind Northern Soul Radio who is racking his brains for gigs and also did us a review in Blues and Soul.

Oh and did I mention he's written a book? Called That Beating Rhythm. New book in progress. Can be ordered from his website.

Pauline Harden
Pauline was Mick Ilka's partner and was with him when he died in 1993. She very kindly lent us his gig diaries from 1978-80 and the photo of him in his recording studio. 
Lilian Kyle
Lilian was Edwin Starr's manager and friend for many years. She has very kindly allowed me to reproduce information about him on this site. Edwin was an incredible performer and an amazing man. His loss must affect her deeply. My thoughts and best wishes are with you Lilian.
Alan L
Alan has contacted me with a huge list of dates and some cuttings. He has also pointed me in the direction of some useful Band contacts.
Martin Lacey
who has contributed memories and possibly his wife's Olympic Runners bag. (Does she know?)
Noel Lawrence
Guitarist with Johnny Mike and The Shades who has contributed band and tour information
Gerard Lynch
who tipped me off about a request on Sounds of the Sixties relating to the Cali and the bands enabling me to contact another useful source.
Jackie Marsh
Gave us info on the Roller Discos and a TV segment for Anglia
Louie Martin
AKA DJ Brother Louie who contributed loads of old photos to the site
Steve Matthews
Who worked behind the bar in the sixties and has a wealth of info to provide on the early days.
Danny McGarry
Friend of Mick Ilka who has come forward with memories and some truly inspiring photos!
Rob McNally and crew
Ex Cali-ites who........ let's just say, harbour more than just memories. Thanks guys.
Denis O'Donaghue
Journalist with the Gazette in the old days and now with the Times, who gave us contact details for guys who worked at the Cali in the 60's.
Graham Osborne
AKA DJ Graham Bonney who is, as we speak, wading his way through mountains of old newspapers digging out gig dates and Bruce Benson columns
Patrick at RSD
Who put us on to Peter Farley who worked with the company at the Cali in 1978
Kevin Plunkett
Ex pot boy, cloakroom hand, barman, pool painter and general dogsbody who contributed some really useful memories including a Jimi Hendrix classic.
Mick Rutter
Mick was the general manager off the California from 1977 until it closed in 1979. He built the venue back up to a going concern and he also started the demolition when the end came. He has given us a large amount of information and photographs as well as memories. He now runs a superb pub in Ledburn near Leighton Buzzard called the Hare & Hounds. Go visit. The food is great!
contacted me as a result of the article in the Dunstable Gazette. She has been a diamond. Through her we have been able to get in touch with loads of people, resulting in valuable information coming in. Confirmation of the Wailers appearance and the girl who organised the sit down protest in front of the bulldozers being just two examples.
Janice Schaub
Lives overseas but still has her collection of early photos and memories which she has kindly donated to this site.
Alan Taylor
Web Author/DJ/Radio presenter thanks for letting me use the Edwin tribute.
Bruce Turvey
Bruce photographed the California many times over a 25year period. His book, 25 years of Dunstable 1952-1977 has some fascinating studies of the Cali in it's heyday. No photographs from this book are included on this web site. If you want to see them you'll have to buy it. If you want a copy you can get it through the Book Castle in Dunstable
Richard Walden
Richard is researching for a book on the Queensway Hall and gives us information on the California as and when he finds it.
Ray Webster
A contact I made through Friends Reunited. A big fan of Soul music but hailing from up North, he had never heard of the Cali. He has searched through his mountain of old Blues & Soul Magazines to dig out anything he can find that might be useful. What a star!
Robert Wright
AKA DJ Robbie St James who single-handedly accounts for 50% of the visits to the site from the USA, contributes gig dates he finds on his way round the internet and refuses to send in old photos of himself
plus, the myriad of others who have supplied memories and photographs. They are noted on the various pages where they have contributed. A huge thank you to all of you.

Thieves, vagabonds and footpads

I'm building a list of who's got what. Not so that we can have them sued but because it's fascinating to find out. I'm keeping it as anonymous as possible so that any avid collectors out there don't pay the owners visit in the middle of the night. (Unlike this lot obviously did at the Cali!)

It never fails to amaze me what's out there and WHY? There are some really odd people around.....God Bless 'em!

Interesting that several seem to be called ROB!

Come on then............. who's got the front door?

Rob M
The way out sign from the Car Park.
Knife, fork and spoon with the Didoz name on
A lampshade from Didoz
Mike R
The Mirror Ball
The masks from the Devil's Den, all 8.
Mirrors from the pillars and walls of Didoz
A speaker from Didoz
Rob F
Didoz sign
Rob B
The decks!
Dave B
Loads of California posters advertising various bands
Pete B
the sign from the Hillside bar
Rob P
The large California sign from the side of the building
The California Ballroom sign (external green and white)

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