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The following item was taken from the obituary of Edwin Green following his death in November 1964

A man who will be sadly missed in Dunstable particularly by young folk, died on Saturday at the age of 65. He was Mr. Edwin Walter Green, of The Pool, Whipsnade Road, Dunstable.

Mr Green died two days after being admitted to the Luton and Dunstable hospital. At the time of his death, Mrs. Green was also ill in the hospital.

A Londoner, Mr. Green was a very keen speedway rider and was still President of the Barnet Motor-Cycle club when he died. As a young man he served with the R.A.M.C. in France during World War I.

He moved to Dunstable in 1937 and after World War II opened a swimming pool in Whipsnade Road. This was followed some seven years ago with a large ballroom on the same premises, where famous artistes from all over the world have performed before audiences of young people.

Mr Green owned ballrooms at Wolverton, Bucks, and one in London. He also owned transport and haulage contractor businesses locally and in North Wales and Chester.

It was to young people that he devoted much of his time. His idea in opening the California Ballroom was to keep young boys and girls off the streets.

He also helped youngsters become "pop" stars, and started the Barron Knights on the road to success when he allowed them to become a resident group at the ballroom.

He was always willing to help local charities by running events in their aid, and also helped with the Pageant of Dunstable held last year.

Mr. Green had been ill for some months before his death, and was confined to his bed during the last month.

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Mary Green, and four children, Edwina, Tresham, Cedric and Christopher.

Cremation was held at the West Herts Crematorium, Garston, yesterday afternoon.

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