Edwina Green

Edwina Green on stage

Edwina Green

Miss Christmas


Daughter of Edwin and Mary Green, Edwina helped to build the California Ballroom and is still a dab hand at brick laying to this day but her talents don't stop there.

She had a superb singing voice and was a member of Luton Girl's Choir. When her father opened the Ballroom in 1960, Edwina appeared on stage fronting the Ray Miller Orchestra and was such a success that she became their regular songstress.

Mal Cook, who was tour manager for Eden Kane, remembers Edwina as a stunning girl who acted as roadie for a number of acts. He particularly recalls driving Eden to a gig and passing a van containing Rhett Stoller and his group, with Edwina at the wheel.

Edwina's recollections of this are that she got hopelessly lost and ended up calling her father for help.

If you look through the gig lists for the early years you will see Edwina making many appearances, both as herself and also as Miss Christmas, giving away presents at the California's Christmas dances.

Edwina and Craig

Edwina with Craig Douglas in 2004