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I thought it might be fun to have a page of photos of you, well you're all having a good laugh at us so it's our turn. The Cali had a resident photographer so I know there are a lot of these out there. Come on chickens.... where are they?

Janice Hines, Maureen Jones and Johnny Milton

Maureen Jones, Janice Hines and Johnny Milton
3rd May 1963

Staff in the Pool Bar

Staff in the Pool Bar after the Slade gig in 1972
Left to Right
Frank, Annie, Sue, Ruth, Mick, John Ilka, Dave, Sandra and Brian
Photo courtesy of Ruth Dorrington

Peter Coleman with Ann Hindson

Peter Coleman and Ann Hindson
around 1960

Ann and Phyllis

Ann Hindson again with Phyllis?
around 1960. Both pics courtesy of Peter Coleman

Janice Hines

Janice Hines with 3 of the Condors
around 1964

The Girls

Outside the cloakroom
Neven, Gill, Dave the bouncer, Carol, Debs


Crikey. I worked in the cloakroom on a number of occasions to help out. 10p!

This picture was taken 22 Nov 1974. Does anyone recognise Dave the Bouncer in the middle?

On the left is one of the California's characters, most of you who were up there in the seventies can probably remember his name instantly. Hi Nev, how are you doing these days?

The boys

Danny McGarry and friends

Outside the Devil's Den

The date, based on the posters behind, would be May or early June 1976.

On the left is Danny McGarry. Would the wearers of the other pairs of baggies care to own up?



More people in the Devil's Den.
Did anyone have pics done anywhere else?

The Devil's Den

The Den again!

Roger Bown

Roger Bown, Lynn Gory, Russell Smith

Unknown Barmen

One of these barmen is Grant Osborne
Who are the other two?

3 guys

Barney Johns, Paul Roach and Lennon Jones
Thanks to Maxine Roach for the info


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