Didoz Nite Club


In 1976, the Devil's Den was converted into an up market night club and renamed Didoz which opened on December 1st of that year.

In 1978 it was opened again, this time as a night club with a small bistro.


Photographs on this page İPaul White and Mick Rutter 2003


Looking across Didoz dance floor towards the bar


Didoz regular happenings

Didoz advert

Didoz anniversary celebration


Didoz flyer for Sunday Soul

Didoz flyer

Didoz flyer for regular events

Didoz Nite Club

Didoz Nite Club

Didoz advert

Didoz ad for Silver Coin

Didoz swinging singles

Ad for Didoz swinging singles nights

Another advert

Another regular functions advert

Didoz Nite Club

Didoz Nite Club late advert. Most of the old guard of regular DJs had left by this point

A selection of events that took place in Didoz.

Didoz Nite Club

Every Sunday 8hours of solid funk & jazz with

Brother Louie, Kev Steed, Robbie Burns & Stavros

Adm. 3pm-7pm £1.00 inc. Sunday Tea (tea, coffee, cakes, sandwiches etc)

Adm 7pm-11pm only 50p (no tea)

Fully licensed bar from 7pm

Life Membership 50p

Mondays Strictly over 25's Dates Club from 15th October onwards named Swingles
Tuesdays Private Functions
Wednesdays Private Functions
Thursdays Roadshow Night Top guest DJs over 20's night

May 18 Tony Brennan Adm £1.00

Jun 29 Howard Neil Adm £1.00

Dec 14 Tony Brennan Adm £1.00

Date ? Mark Jeffries Adm £1.00

Date ? John James Adm £1.00

Date ? Andy Anderson Adm £1.00

At some point this became Party night with resident DJ Clive Mason
Fridays Soul and Funk Latest import sounds

DJ Brother Louie & Kev Steed

Membership only

At some point this became Satisfying Soul Night with resident DJ Gerry Bates
Saturdays Disco for everyone DJs Paul Gray or Shossie

Admission with entrance fee


Jan 4 Over 25s
5 Free for all
6 Funk
7 Free for all
8 Funk
26 Heavy Rock Night with Risky Business Admission
May 11 Out of the Blue Admission 75p
? Sidewinder
? Silver Coin
? Hogarth's World
Jul 8 Emperor Rosko

The world's largest travelling disco roadshow

Adm £1.50 till 10pm then £2.00
Oct 1 Official opening of Didoz It had actually opened on January 18th

Kev Steed 3pm-5pm

Robbie Burns 5pm-7pm

Stavros 7pm-9pm

Louie 9pm-11pm

Dec 21 Wally King's Xmas Road Show
27 Al Burnett
28 Crazy Roadshow with John Dalton


Jan 18 Anniversary Celebration Over 20's

Admission free till 10 then £1

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