The Devil's Den


The garage and workshop was converted into a night club/disco in the early seventies, opening in November 1972. The Devil's Den acted as an overflow area for the Ballroom and had it's own feel.

Whilst the Ballroom played host to a variety of acts covering many genres of music over the years, the Den stuck religiously to Soul, Funk and Imports. Run by the in-house DJs such as Paul Gray and Brother Louie it became known for it's different style. That style was certainly quirky. Backlit Gargoyles hung all round the top of the bar. We have very little in the way of pictures for the Den, any contributions would be very welcome.

In 1976, the Den was converted into an up market night club and renamed Didoz which opened on December 1st of that year.



One of the masks that used to hang round the bar of the Devil's Den. There were 8 altogether, each being backlit and painted a different colour. This one still has the orange paint

Gazette editorial

Dunstable Gazette 24, March 1972

A new discotheque to be built on the site of the expanding California Ballroom complex may be built if a planning application on Dunstable Council's planning register is passed.

The application is for a change of use of part of the existing garage and workshop at the site in Whipsnade Road, Dunstable to a discotheque. The application was entered by a Mr. J Ilka.

These plans, which affect Dunstable Borough, may have already been considered by the planning department, but have not been approved by the Council.

Mad Harry in the Den

Things are hotting up in the Devil's Den as the mysterious Mad Harry makes merry.

DJ Paul Tring, was going through his paces at the Devil's Den Discotheque, which was opened at the California Ballroom last week.

Dunstable Gazette 18 Nov 1972



Paul Gray in the Devil's Den


A selection of events that took place in the Devils Den

Devil's Den

Tuesday and Friday Soul Disco with DJ Paul Gray Adm 7pm-11pm only 50p

Fully licensed bar from 7pm

Thursday Northern Soul Night various DJs  
Saturday Soul, Funk and imports with DJ Brother Louie and DJ Robbie Burns Admission included in ticket price for Ballroom 7pm -2am


Nov 18 - Mad Harry in the Den
Dec 21 - DJ Dave Holland

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