Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter photoGARY GLITTER'S MUM

Behind the stage there was a large room full of sofas that had direct access, via a flight of stairs, to the dressing rooms and the back of the Hillside bar.

It was usually full of roadies doing various things to bits of equipment but on the night Gary Glitter was there, the Jocks, their wives and girlfriends were in. Gary suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs and said hello.

Glitter Band photoOne by one, he asked all the girls for their name and sang them a song. Ray J Day's wife, Jane, got a rendition of the Stones song "My Sweet Lady Jane". This went fine until it got to me.

He couldn't think of any songs with my name in, so instead he took me up to the dressing room and introduced me to his Mum.