Paul Gray


Paul Gray with Bill Richmond

Paul with Bill Richmond who recorded all of his jingles for him. This shot was taken in 1974 at David's Disc-a-Dine in Bury Park

Paul Gray had an old Anglia Van called Boris. It was grey with a black roof and had it's name emblazoned across the front. I remember that van like it was yesterday.

It had the nasty habit of popping the linkage if you stamped down on the accelerator too hard and you were left there like a pillock revving like crazy and going nowhere.

One night the police stopped us on the way back from a gig. They pulled us up right outside Luton Boy's Club and unloaded the entire van. Once they had seen that we only had decks, stacks, lights, projectors and hundreds of records, they drove off and left us with all the equipment in the middle of the road.

Ha, ha. Nice sense of humour those guys. Webmaster

Paul with Louie Martin

Paul and Louie at Stonehenge in 1975. Why???


I also remember Paul Gray used to have an old telephone in his car and a tape recording of a phone ringing, he would pull up next to someone play the tape and pass the phone to them and say "it's for you" (yep never a dull moment with old Paul around)

Danny McGarry

Webmaster note

The phone was the handset Paul used for cueing up records, he kept it with him at all times. It finally disappeared after he crashed his car on the M1 one night coming back from a gig in Fleet. Paul was taken to hospital and the Police had the wreck towed away.

Paul Gray behind the decks at the California Ballroom

Paul doing what he was supposed to in 1976. Can anybody clear up the mystery of what appear to be Paul's legs below the decks. If they were his legs then he would be around 7 feet tall and I can assure you he isn't!

My autograph book

A rare opportunity to see Paul Gray's autograph

Paul at a local gig

Paul twiddling his knobs. Nothing new there then!

Paul Gray dressed up

Done up like a dog's dinner for the Manhattan Transfer night in 1978

Advert for Paul Gray disco

Christmas 1973 advert for Paul's disco services

Paul Gray - Space Oddity

Danny also remembers a night when Paul decided to make a dramatic entrance. To the strains of 2001 a Space Odyssey, dressed as a Spaceman and standing on the platform of a hand driven fork lift truck, he sailed onto the stage from a great height.

Danny who had been given the task of driving the fork lift was having a minor panic down below. There were no rails for Paul to hold onto; one mistake with the controls and he would have been launched into space!

The sad thing was, all that effort and stress and no one in the crowd seemed to be in the least bit impressed! Well, honestly, you could at least have booed!

Paul Gray - the spaceman

Paul in his spaceman suit

De-Hems advert

Advert for De-Hems

The picture below just goes to prove that old Cali jocks are still around. Not a very good shot I'm afraid as it comes from a studio web cam. If you look at the bottom of the pic you can see the top of Paul's head, wearing cans. This was taken 12th December 2003 when Paul was asked to go on BBC 3 Counties Radio to take part in a phone-in on Roberto Perrone's morning show. The topic for discussion..... Mick Jagger getting a knighthood

Paul Gray on 3 counties radio

Paul on Roberto Perrone's show

Paul Gray with Graham Bonney

Paul with Graham Bonney 1972

Paul Gray on Erica Gordon's show

Above and below: Paul on Erica Gordon's show 2004

Paul still on Erica Gordon's show

Paul still on Erica's show. We were beginning to think he'd never leave

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